Ways to Make Your OPI Nail Polish Last Longer

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When you're sporting a glisteningly fresh manicure, the last thing you want is for it to fade dramatically fast. While nail polish is strong enough, there are steps you can take to ensure you get more out of it.

Keep your fresh manicure away from heat

Even when your nail polish seems dry, it still has a few hours to go before it's fully set. Too much heat prevents nail polish from drying, so avoid using hair dryers to speed up the process. In addition, as your mouth's natural temperature is around 37°C, you shouldn't blow on your nails either. If you're keen to push the process along, try using a fan or dipping your fingernails in ice-cold water.

Give the top coat a boost every two to three days

In addition to preventing your polish from chipping, a fresh layer of top coat helps it retain its shine. When applying your top coat, ensure you use a thin layer. Adding too much may make the polish beneath more prone to chipping.

Stick to mild hand soap only

If you use a soap that contains lots of hand sanitiser, stop immediately and switch to a milder alternative. The alcohol component of hand sanitiser causes your nail polish to dry out too much, leaving it prone to cracks. In addition, it makes the nail bed beneath more difficult to paint. The same goes for washing up liquid, so while you can't avoid cleaning the dishes forever, you can put on some rubber gloves before plunging your hands into the depths of your sink.

Make an effort to keep your nails healthy

Although your nails are technically dead skin, there are ways you can keep them healthy. In turn, your manicure should last longer. Make sure you wear shoes that fit correctly, as ill-fitting shoes can cause your toenails to constantly bump against the top, which leads to cracking and flaking. Dive into your moisturiser on a daily basis to prevent the brittle and cracked cuticles that lead to nail polish chips. Finally, ensure you nourish yourself, as a healthy diet can lead to healthier nail growth.

Whether you're using nail polish, such as OPI nail polish, for the first time or you're one of the brand's regulars, there's never a better time to make a conscious effort to make your manicure last longer. With consistent efforts, you may find you can go for longer without visiting your manicurist. 


24 April 2017

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