Three Massage Techniques to Consider for Your General Relaxation


If you are planning a weekend getaway or a relaxing day off, you should consider getting a relaxing massage in a spa or salon. If you're travelling with a significant other, this can even be a couples massage.

In general, massage is a therapeutic process which involves the manipulation of the body tissues such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The objective of the massage is to enhance the general well-being and even promote health. The potential benefits of getting regular spa massages include muscle relaxation, easing of physical strain and reduction of general stress and anxiety. Here are the primary massage methods that you should think about requesting from your spa masseuse.

Swedish Massages

Swedish massage is the most popular option in the spa environment. This likeability can be attributed to the light approach when compared to alternative techniques. In general, a Swedish massage is relaxation, so there is minimal deep tissue manipulation performed during pertinent sessions. Instead, the masseuse will focus on performing long and fluid strokes of the muscles and using relatively light pressure. This will create a relaxing sensation in the body. Consequently, the stress hormone levels will start to reduce, promoting better rest. If you have not had a massage before, you should select the Swedish massage for a pleasant experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massages cannot relieve deep knots of tension and stress in the body. Therefore, if you would like to fix the movement patterns and release the deep tension, you should consider choosing a deep tissue massage. As suggested, this technique involves digging into the body to release the trigger points within the muscle structure and even improve the mobility. Unfortunately, this type of massage is not as calming and relaxing like the Swedish alternative because of the high pressure exerted, particularly at the beginning of the session. However, the potential health benefits are unparalleled, and you will be able to enjoy longer lasting muscle tension relieve.

Sports Massage

If you are highly active in your daily physical life, you should think about getting regular sports massages. These are not only designed for professional athletes; they are ideal for anyone who experiences repetitive stress for casual sports and daily exercise. The massage process is tailored to suit your need and preferences, depending on the type of activity you often indulge in. The aim of the process is to relax the muscles which retain tension due to overuse. Moreover, the massage will promote body relaxation, limiting the risk of injury.

For the best massage experience, discuss your goals, lifestyle and expectations with your masseuse before the session begins.


22 February 2017

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